Who will pay Ukraine this money, are foreign investors ready to invest in our country while the war is on," Roman Sheremeta, founder of American University Kyiv, told UBNow (https://t.me/UBNow).

How much has Ukraine lost?
If we take the direct destruction of Ukraine by Russia, it is about $300 billion. The country lost another 30% of its GDP last year. That is another $60 billion. Plus, count the number of people who died. The US, for example, has a special calculation: 1 person is $10 million. If we count all the damage and losses in Ukraine, the figure will reach $1 trillion.

Who will pay for the reconstruction?
Everyone understands that Russia has to pay for everything. They are the main culprits in this process. There are ways to get this money. For example, through seized assets - there are up to $350 million of them in the world. They will not cover everything, but this is a good start.
There are partner countries that are ready to give about $110 billion for Ukraine's development.
There are also international institutions and investment funds that are interested in investing up to $1 trillion in our country.
There is a desire to invest in Ukraine, even during the war. The main thing is to resolve the issue of risk coverage.

What Ukraine is interested in?
The government has identified 3 priority areas. These are the military-industrial complex, aerospace and IT industries.
In particular, the military-industrial complex will be important not only for Ukraine but also for the whole world for decades to come. Strategically, everyone who enters the country is ready to cooperate in this area.

Who will be the first to invest in Ukraine?
Foreign business needs to be brought to Ukraine. We need to show them the opportunities that exist here. There are American companies that are not afraid to come and work in our country, despite the war. For your understanding, they are ready to invest up to $100 billion without waiting for victory.
Large investment funds will not come in. For them, it is a very big risk. Medium-sized businesses will be able to enter much faster. And Ukrainian business should be represented as much as possible at various events and meetings to establish contacts and cooperation.